1. How would you describe Sarah as a character? How would you react in her situation, if a similar tragedy were to strike in your neighborhood?

2. How would you characterize Sarah’s marriage to Johnny? How does their relationship change through the story?

3. At what point did you start to distrust any of the characters? Johnny? Sarah? Their neighbors? If so, why?

4. What do you think the title means? The Good Neighbor can refer to many different characters in the book. How does this build suspense? Who, in the end, do you think the title refers to? Why?

5. What did you like most about the book? The least? Did you guess the plot twists?

6. How did you feel about the ending? Would you rather the book had ended differently? What happens next? How do you picture the scene?

7. How would you characterize Jessie’s relationship with her boyfriend? As a parent, how would you respond to your daughter if she were in a similar situation? How would you respond as a neighbor or friend to Jessie? What do you think happened to Jessie in the end?

8. How is the setting of this book – the forest, the river, and the dead-end street – necessary to the plot? How might the story have played out differently in the city, for example?

9. Why is it Sarah who climbs the ladder to Mia’s window and not one of the other neighbors? What does this say about Sarah’s character?